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Corporate Fitness & Wellbeing

Bringing The Barre To Your Workplace!


On-Site Group Classes

If you are an employer keen to improve the wellbeing, productivity and morale of your employees, consider a regular group fitness class as part of your staff wellbeing programme. Barre classes have amazing benefits for the body and mind, improving cognitive function, brain health and memory, as well as improving posture and relieving aches and pains, which can be beneficial to those who sit at a desk for long periods.

We don't need any specialist equipment, just a chair to hold onto and a bit of leg room around the chair, making barre a great choice for an office-based exercise class.

Barre is a low-impact class, suitable for beginners and all fitness levels. 

We can offer a 50 minute class, or a mini class of 25 minutes. Classes include warm up, low-impact exercises, stretching and cool down.

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